templatemo_image_01In the world, there is nothing sacred as jnana (wisdom), the highest knowledge. There is nothing more precious in the world than true education . Only through education, we understand creation and the truth about humanity. The education is not only for earning livelihood but also for awakening the innerself of the man and making him more peaceful and prosperous. It is rightly said, “Education is more than a luxury; it is a responsibility that society owes to itself”. But unfortunately, today the field of education has been afflicted by confusion of contradictory ideals. Freedom has led to licentiousness, reverence has receded from all relationships, institutions dedicated to the worship of goddess of learning, have changed into temples for the worship of goddess of wealth.

Buddha Polytechnic Institute has always focused on providing  a value based academic curriculum to the  students through well experienced, motivated and highly qualified faculties. The high standards set by us have paved way for our students to develop from the core level, and turn them into a competent workforce for the global corporates. Our faculty  are immensely talented and well experienced. They are highly proficient in explaining the topics in a simple manner, so that the students get well versed with the concepts.

Today, the world is becoming more dynamic and challenging day by day. I can say that the training that our students go through will equip them with all skills that is necessary to succeed in their professional , personal and social life.

-Er. Awadhesh Kumar
Founder & Chairman, BIT Gaya